This is Your Sign to Turn Your Daydream Into A Reality

The first time I started wanting to do a tour was about seven years ago. It seemed out of reach. I was a baby in the industry, and it was something that had never done before. When I came to the realization that it wasn’t my goal that was out of reach, it was my MINDSET, everything shifted for me. I started to have a more clear vision and started moving with the right steps for when to make the dream become a reality.

And just like that, it happened. My goal. My dream. My vision. It all came true. Living my dream and turning it into a reality by traveling to you to inspire you so you can inspire others. The emotions I feel is unexplainable. Every feeling you can imagine I've felt. Stress, anxiety, frustration, excitement, happiness, love. But with every emotion I know I am reaching my artist daydream goal and turning it into reality. All those emotions come with the territory if you want to dream big and achieve greatness!

Turn your night dreams into day dream reality.

Even though my face is on this bus, this tour is not about me. It’s about the hundreds of artists that want to be inspired. It’s about the artist that wants to grow. It’s about the artists that want to achieve their goals. It’s about the artists that want to reach their greatness. It’s always been about them, not me. This is why I come to your town. Big or small. It doesn’t matter because education and inspiration is needed everywhere. It’s a necessity if you want to grow and evolve into an incredible artist. 

This tour was about creating room for more self growth and new passions. How to go about achieving your goals. Shifting your mindset. Thinking outside the box. Working your ass off. Being unapologetically yourself. Forgiving yourself for mistakes. Not allow anything to break you, but instead mold you. Transforming your life by digging deep within what your truly want to accomplish. Taking the steps towards that direction, and knowing that a small step is better than no step. 

I can’t believe this year I’ve had two incredibly successful tours and this is just the beginning! Sad it’s over, but so proud of the outcome. My head is spinning a million miles an hour with fresh ideas of what’s to come next. Thank you for creating these memories that will forever be a part of an iconic, historical moment in our industry through the Modern Artist Movement!

I am so grateful for my team. Thank you for making everything run so smooth and always having a positive mindset. Thank you to Joico for sponsoring the tour. Thank you for believing in me and making my crazy dreams become a reality. Special thanks to the beautiful salons for hosting me and making us feel so welcome. Lastly, thank you to all the attendees for joining us on the Artist Daydream Tour! Thank you for the warm welcome to your state and allowing me to share my love, passion and knowledge with you! You were all so inspiring to be around and I hope I inspired you back. 

This tour has been all about goal setting and how to make your dreams come true and I can confidently say that my DREAM has become a REALITY. 

Grateful. Honored. Humbled. Blessed. 🥹🙏🏻🖤

Together we are elevating our industry one artist and one city at a time!


We would love to get your feedback on the Atist Daydream Tour so we can continue to improve future tours & events and make them even better! 

If you have 90 seconds, we would love it if you could respond to a couple questions below. A few sentences is all it takes! This enables us to continue providing the best experience possible for you. Thank you in advance!

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