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Please come back in stock😭


I received my apron promptly after ordering it. It is a great looking style and material and the packaging was really cute!! Can’t wait to not stain anymore clothing and look cute.😊

Beautiful and Durable!

This bag goes wo saying is my fav go2 bag. Large enough for weekend travel, durable enough for all the over packing. I always get stoped when flying and asked about this gorgeous master piece- a must for your work or travel. Thoughtfully crafted for every need in traveling

Lots of compliments

Is as pretty as describes.


I loved how sweet your crew was! They were all supper kind. This class was worth every penny! Definitely inspiring and life changing. I left ready to take the new knowledge into my career and work atmosphere.

If your in a rut, take this!

I loved the class, motivational, inspirational, positive. Refreshed with some tips and tricks on color theory/placement. Class was to the point. Which I loved.

Shorewood Illinois

I got the VIP ticket for this tour and learned SO much from Larissa and her team ! I’ve been a stylist for 12 years and have never been to such an intimate class . Larissa truly is an inspiration and I will 100% be sitting ViP at her next class near me !

Inspirational and Real, Everyday techniques!

Larissa is as real, genuine and kind as can be! Her energy is contagious! In this class, She gives you information and techniques that can be applied to your salon business immediately!! Get a ticket!


its perfect, trendy, has all the things i love (especially the towel ring) and has made educating and content creating fun with the camera mount


I absolutely love my apron. It’s very stylish and dresses up any work outfit. Love the camera feature!

The energy is amazing, I would highly recommend this class!

I learned so much at this class. From the quick retouch method to pricing Larissa taught so much in such a short amount of time! I love how open and honest she is and how much she is willing to
Share. I have used her pick me up method a handful of times and have already earned so much. The cost of the class is very affordable which I really appreciate because it shows that Larisa really cares about us and not just the money. Buy the round brushes they are amazing! Thank you to the whole team that put this tour together! I will def take this course again next tour.

Best class ever

This was hands down the best class I have ever taken! You touched base on so many different topics. I feel like I learned a ton today. I love how you took time to give us each undivided attention at the end and were so willing to share advice with me on how to work closer to my own goals and dreams. I hope to see you again some day but for now I am taking this new inspiration and running with it!!!

Dream come true!

I’ve been following Larisa since 2010! Meeting her in person was a dream come true! She is so genuine talented & inspiring! She truly is such a role model for our industry! I’ve loved watching her growth over the years & she has truly inspired the growth in my own journey! Thank you Larisa! You & your team were absolutely fabulous 💕

Much needed class for every stylist!

I went to the Wilmington, NC class and it was everything and more than I thought it would be and needed. I have been following Larisa Love before I ever became a cosmetologist so I never thought I’d ever get to meet her or ever take a class from her. I am so glad that she started touring and goes to smaller cities so I can take classes with her. Larisa Love is a great educator! I learned so many different techniques with hair, the business side , taking care of your body, and etc. She took the time to answer all of our questions and really talk with us too. I honestly can’t rave about this class enough! Larisa love is so amazing and such a sweet soul. Her entire team was amazing, they killed it! Their teamwork was on point! I pretty much feel in love with her and her entire team. You can see right from the start a lot of care/ love goes into these classes. I love how the class is a small class as well. Each class you take is an investment on your career and this one was definitely worth it and so much more!

The best class I’ve ever taken

This class was the most inspirational hair class I have ever had. I learned new techniques from Larisa as well as important points to grow and improve my business. I cannot wait to apply what I’ve learned in the salon. Thank you to Larisa and her team!

Dream come true!

I’ve been following Larisa since 2010! Meeting her in person was a dream come true! She is so genuine talented & inspiring! She truly is such a role model for our industry! I’ve loved watching her growth over the years & she has truly inspired the growth in my own journey! Thank you Larisa! You & your team were absolutely fabulous 💕

Love this apron!

I had such a hard time deciding on color but ultimately I’m glad I went with black because it matches everything! I get a ton of compliments on it. It’s very flattering for an apron. The neck is adjustable which I like. The apron is well constructed and has a little bit of structure and weight to it, which I like.

The Intrepid Holster 2.0
Vanessa Root-Fitzgerald
I’m so glad I finally got it

I’ve been indecisive for the longest time whether or not I should get the Intrepid and I’m finally glad I did. I work in theater so I really needed a nice holster I could use for a caddy that won’t get in the way of anyone back stage. The packaging was really nice too, it was wrapped with so much care and it arrived really fast which I was surprised and happy about. I know Larisa recently had her honeymoon, which of course she should spend a lot of time at because she deserves it with all the hard work she does but I wasn’t expecting the item to arrive so early and that made me super happy! I can’t wait to use it for the first time during our tech week today!

Love this bag!

This bag has so many compartments.
I finally feel organized carrying all my things back and forth to the salon everyday. Can’t wait to travel to BTC haor
Show next weekend with it! Thx Larissa!!

LYU Time Travel Cream Bag
Kristy Whitcomb
Time travel cream bag

Love love love this bag!!!!!! My only bummer is when I went to use it for the first time noticed it had a tear/ rip in the seam.... so hoping to get it rectified and use it. Other than that this bag will be amazing to travel and have overnighter!!!!!

Fits absolutely perfect! It's now the most comfortable hoodie I have. I love it!

So excited!!

A Larisa class has been on my list for a long time! Coming from Alaska and can’t wait! Purchase was very easy. I’m bummed the VIP were already sold out, if any more open up i would love to pay the difference if possible! If not, it will still be amazing!

Where have you been all my life

This brush set have been a game changer. I can do a complete blowout with 6 sections. The knobby handles feel great on my hands and it doesn’t slip out of my hands.
Thank you so much for save me time

Best brushes I've ever used!

These are the best brushes I've ever used!!! They're comfortable in my hands, because they're longer they also help blowdry quicker.