About Larisa Love

 A licensed professional hair artist for over ten years; Larisa Love is also a salon owner, mentor, educator and Joico Brand Ambassador.

Larisa Love’s passion for hair is undeniable. She strives to be the best artist she can be by continuing to push her creativity to another level. At the same time, Larisa encourages fellow hair artists to do what they love through education and style. Working with the world's best brands has taken Larisa Love all over the globe doing stage work, educating, tours and so much more.

Larisa opened her first salon at twenty-seven and after owning it for three years, decided to move to a boutique style salon due to a very fast paced lifestyle where traveling became a very big part of her life.

"My passion and love for hair fuels even stronger as each year goes by. I am so blessed to be able to travel the world teaching my hair color techniques and showcasing my art to the world."

Larisa Love has risen to the top of the professional hair industry, but it has not been without hard work and dedication to her craft. 
Early Years

Larisa was born in Ukraine, Kiev. Larisa went to Russian school every Saturday for years so she could speak, read and write Russian and Ukrainian. When Larisa was six years old, her parents won the visa lottery and they were all able to move to the United States as a family.

Growing up, Larisa lived a very sheltered life in a very strict home. Her father was a Pentecostal pastor, she was raised in a very strict home in a very sheltered Russian community. She wasn’t allowed to go to the movies or wear makeup. At seventeen, she moved out because she couldn’t express who she was.

Paved Her Own Way

When Larisa was eighteen she went to beauty school and graduated by the time she was twenty. Her parents were very against her going to beauty school in the first place, and her father cut her off financially and emotionally.

"I really used his not believing in me to push me to prove to myself that I could succeed and because of that I have an amazing career. At the end of the day, I have to live my own life.”


Graduating in 2010 from Marinello Beauty School, after receiving her license she shared her time between three salons in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood for a year before realizing she wanted to build her own clientele on her own terms. 2013 was a watershed year as she used the then burgeoning platform of Instagram to grow her clientele, which slowly but surely led to moves to newer, bigger more modern studios.

Social Media Star

Love’s popularity on Instagram (@larisadoll) catapulted her into stardom in the professional world of hair and put her talent front and center amid an intense pool of creative artists. With over 500,000 loyal followers on Instagram, Larisa doesn’t just share her latest hair art, she educated and mentors fellow artists. 


Her list of accomplishments includes the 2013 Emmys, features in Modern Salon just four years after graduating from cosmetology school, and less than one year after was named CosmoProf Beauty’s Brand Ambassador. In April of 2015 through mid-2018 Larisa opened her own salon in the middle of it all. 2018 was a pivotal year for Love as she was named a headliner for Joico Global Destination Education in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic where she imparted her coloring expertise and social media savvy to over 1,000 professional colleagues.

Joico Brand Ambassador

But by far the biggest shining moment came May 1st, 2018 when Joico announced her as Joico Brand Ambassador. The first and best name in healthy hair, was thrilled to partner with Love and help bring her talent to new heights, and her talent in turn to heighten Joico educators, artists and pro-users’ color mastery alike. A long-time user of Joico color including LumiShine and Color Intensity, she’s with the brand because, since her initial rise, she’s been imparting her know-how to other young artists across the U.S. at large stage shows, touring with “LxPxJ” – a trifecta of young and fresh hair-talent, rounded out by her former CosmoProf Artistic Team members Phil Ring and Jacob Khan. Now with Joico she’s already toured Europe once for the brand and represented them at major shows in the U.S., (including their Global Destination Education 2018 and will again for 2020) but she’ll continue to travel more extensively in the U.S. as well as return to the E.U. and make trips to Canada and Australia. …It’s time to conquer the world with “Joi” and “Love!”

Larisa Love has created new and fresh content, color techniques and formulas, and collaborate on education curriculums for the JoiColor System of healthy professional haircolor. Her skill and talent has also been tapped to help the brand test and develop new products. From easy and digestible videos on new techniques to longer-form education videos… from on stage at major shows to Facebook Lives at her salon – Love will do what she does best with her “license to create” and that’s share with the world, and now she’s sharing her “joi” from Joico.