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The Hat Lock

The Hat Lock

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Must have travel gadget!

This handy magnetic hat clip for travel in vegan black leather animal print with scissor logo features a strong magnet and metal material. Small, cute and so easy to use and carry!

No longer will you have to endure the frustrations of misplacing or damaging your treasured hat during travels. With the handy Hat Lock, you can embark on your adventures with a sense of style. Witness the seamless fusion of convenience and elegance as this super cool clip effortlessly secures your favorite hat, ensuring it remains a constant companion on your journeys. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer brilliance of this gadget, a gateway to hassle-free travel experiences like never before!

In today's age, where luggage allowances are decreasing, hat boxes have become completely impractical. Consequently, individuals have had to resort to placing hats inside tote bags. Unfortunately, even this solution often results in hats getting damaged, being flattened and losing their original shape. Alternatively, it can be awkward carrying your hat by hand. Now, those days are gone with this perfect travel accessory!

Simply clip the metal ring onto your bag strap, snap the magnet onto the hat brim & presto! Your hat stays secure on your bag, giving you two free hands & the option to wear or not wear it. 

    With its clever design resembling a keychain, The Hat Lock can be conveniently left on your bag, regardless of whether you are wearing a hat or not. You have the option to attach it securely to the handle of your handbag or carry-on in order to avoid forgetting or misplacing it. What’s even better is that the clip’s design ensures your hat lies completely flat, preserving the brim’s pristine condition.

    Impeccable Design: The hat clip has been designed with a magnetic feature that effectively safeguards your hat while leaving no marks.

    User-friendly: This travel hat clip requires no assembly, making it exceptionally easy to use. Simply clip your hat on one side and attach it securely to your bag, ensuring a tight grip.

    Created by renowned Los Angeles-based hair artist Larisa Love, this compact device addresses a need she identified for a convenient way to transport hats. "As an avid hat enthusiast, this was something I greatly required for my travels and daily life."


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    Proudly wear your passion!

    Larisa Love is an Artist, Educator, Mentor, Salon Owner and Brand Ambassador for Joico.

    Larisa Love’s passion for hair is undeniable. She strives to be the best artist she can be by continuing to push her creativity to another level. At the same time, Love encourages fellow hair artists to do what they love through education and style.

    "My passion and love for hair fuels even stronger as each year goes by. I am so blessed to be able to travel the world teaching my hair color techniques and showcasing my art to the world."

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