Celebrate Your Love Over & Over Again

I got married….AGAIN!

It’s the season of love, what better time to celebrate our relationship than now? Nothing compares to the happiness I felt when we celebrated our vows and the love we share with those we love. 

Our dream wedding took place in Scotland six months ago on August 5th. Since we wanted to have a legal wedding under California law, we decided to bring our closest family and friends who were unable to join us in Scotland to commemorate our love all the way to the Santa Barbara courthouse.  

"I Wanna Marry You Again!"

We were so late to our ceremony so we had to do an express wedding. We went outside and chose a beautiful spot outside the courthouse with all our beautiful nearest and dearest. Our best friend Julianna Nagen officiate us. It all may sound chaotic but it was beyond perfect, and it is so like us to do our own thing.

We did many untraditional things for our wedding in Scotland that just made sense to us including:

  • Destination wedding in a castle.
  • Full weekend of our celebration of love.
  • Planned activities everyday.
  • Micro wedding and no wedding party.
  • Our favorite mini deserts instead of cake
  • Signature drinks curated by us instead of open bar.
  • Intimate long table dinner every night.
  • Mishka was our ring bearer.
  • My gown wasn't white and Sebastian wore the matching color as a part of his suit.
  • I had two different hair color looks,
  • Firework show after the wedding,
  • Morning after tea celebration.
  • Beach day and bonfire to finish off the celebrations. 

While in Scotland, we also decided we didn't want to take away precious time from our wedding day to take an enormous amount of photos so we dedicated another day solely for photos. It was the perfect decision! We had the chance to be more present. We got to enjoy each moment and have incredible photos in the castle ruins off the cliffs. 

We had made a full documentary of our Scottish wedding and invited all our guests to watch it after the Santa Barbara ceremony. I am so grateful to have all my amazing friends and family for being part of such a special core memory. Celebrating our union, vows and the love we share has been the most joyous and cherished moment of my life. 

Saying husband or Sebastian saying wife holds such strength. Although marriage isn't for everyone, being married has brought us a level of closeness that exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you Sebastian for being so patient, kind and accepting me for who I am. I love you. 

How will you celebrate the one you love today and everyday? 


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