We Are Making A Moment in History Through the Modern Artist Movement!

As I reflect on the For The Modern Artist Tour, I can’t help but feel that this is the start of something amazing...

Thank you to the 1300 of you from across the United States who welcomed me and allowed me to share my love, passion and knowledge to over 17 states and 21 cities! Los Angeles, Livermore, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Boise, Longview, Denver, Frisco, San Antonio, New Orleans, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Martin, New Jersey, Dingmans Ferry, Plantsville, Warwick, Virginia Beach, Columbus and Westerville!

Together we are elevating our industry one artist and one city at a time!

I am forever grateful to have met all of you who attend each class and shared this journey with me. My heart is so full of every emotion possible. Tears of sadness that it’s over. Tears of joy that it was a true success. Tears of happiness to see a little idea to do a tour from seven years ago, now changing peoples lives.

This tour was everything and more! I feed off of people’s energy, so the more energy you give me, the more energy I can provide! The positive energy that you gave me on this tour was unmatched! This was truly the first of its kind and something that has never been done before. Travelling across North America to remote cities where often education is limited was a humbling experience I’m immensely grateful for.

The education felt liberating because I could customize everything from the teaching methods and my techniques. I felt proud of every class as it discussed topics that are typically overlooked and rarely addressed in our industry. For example, taking care of our bodies to have a long-term career because health is wealth! I also spoke about having continued respect for our industry so others around us can give us the same respect back. Through this movement, we can talk about them and normalize them in our industry. 

I taught my modern color and styling techniques, consultation, sectioning, color placement, blending, formulation and verbiage. Shared professional tips, tricks of the trade and spilt business secrets that could be utilized behind the chair right away.

Beyond modern techniques, I educated on how to modernize your clients’ experience and your own experience as the artist to a whole new level. Topics discussed included assertiveness (being in charge), pricing, fashion forward trends (how to speak to the client), mentoring, assistants, double booking, selling products, finding inspiration and falling in love all over again with your passion.  

A topic I wanted everyone to grasp was authenticity. The importance of being authentically you as an artist and to yourself will lead to you a very fulfilling career and life. Whether you were a new stylist or a seasoned artist, you could learn tangible takeaways and insider knowledge that you can use in your business from the class.

All the months of preparations, the hard work and long hours my team and I put in were worth it! Did we have challenges? You bet we did! One of the biggest was toting everything on the bus to the extent it was so packed there was no space to get around! Boxes would fall over every day so eventually we had to tie them down using a bungee cord! Overall, this tour had a lot of learning curves and those same mistakes will be avoided moving forward to the next tours.

The tour felt extremely powerful to me because I have realized that having you follow my teachings has led you to a career path that has changed your life. Thank you for joining me in making this moment in history through the Modern Artist Movement! Thank you for creating these memories that will forever be a part of an iconic, historical moment in our industry and for allowing me to inspire so you can inspire others!

Special thanks to the beautiful salons for hosting me and all the attendees! 

Even though the tour is over…THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! Saying goodbye to the tour felt like a revival that was the beginning of something powerful with the Modern Artist Movement. We are starting a movement and I can feel things shaking up in the industry! Things are about to change…Are you ready?

I hope to share more inspiration and education on my next tour in the fall, The Artist Daydream Tour! A limited amount of tickets are still available! I hope you can join us!


"Larisa’s ability to teach, inspire and motivate a room of artists is truly special. After being in the industry for over 20 years it is refreshing to attend a look and learn and feel the synergy of such a dynamic individual. I have had the opportunity to attend other educational events where Larisa has imparted her techniques but this tour is a no-hold-back, truth bomb, high energy , part motivational seminar and part educational mash up, rock concert smash that is obviously a true Larisa Love production!" Alix Mane

Receiving your feedback on the For The Moderns Artist Tour has meant the world to me. To read some of the beautiful testimonials or if you attended the tour and would like to leave a review please click here

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Larisa lights up a room. You want to hear all she has to say. She is so creative it her thoughts and being. It’s inspiring just being in the same room. Her energy is contagious.
I can’t get over what she can teach you in 4 hours. I have attended many many classes in the past 30 ish years and Larisa delivered more information in a short 4 hours than any class I’ve ever attended. Every minute was entertaining and she touched on every area of being a hairstylist/Salon owner. I came back bringing something new and fresh to every area of my work days in the salon/business.
Its true you really can fall in love with your passion again. I have to say if you have an opportunity to educate with her you will not be disappointed. I Highly recommend Larisa.
Michelle Mannino

Michelle Mannino

Everything that could have came from a setting like Hair Circus! I wore such terrible heels that day; I’m a canvas painter, not a hair designer – but in every stretch of the imagination, It was an absolute honor to meet you in person. I pray our lives intersect paths again in this lifetime, beauties!
The hair twigs keep my hair up in paint seshes

Angela Lott

I love the inspiration Larisa had in the class. I enjoyed every minute of it. She just has such a gift and it was so nice to see she is true to herself in person and she is on her platform in social media. I really enjoyed her and was glad I got to get a picture with her. I felt really special as I’m sure everyone else did too.

Michelle Burell

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