Success, Love & the Balance That Makes It All Possible

With my wedding to Sebastian in August, I wanted to share some tips on growing in your career while maintaining a healthy, serious relationship and personal life. 

When my career started taking off, I focused most of my energy on building my career, my brand and booking new clients. When we are busy chasing our dreams, we sometimes forget that our own personal lives can be left hidden in the dark. I realized that I had to adapt to a work/life balance to maintain my overall peace and happiness.

I have implemented three lifestyle changes that make my personal life and work life extremely successful while balancing both equally. 


Being happy in my relationship is very important to me because I learned that while I can have all the success in the world, without a strong personal life, none of that success truly matters. It is important for me to have someone in my life that I can fully trust and rely on as a best friend as well as a romantic partner. My career is substantially important to me, but being able to balance my work by putting energy into a relationship honestly drives me to work even harder towards my goals.


The last thing you want to feel in life is burnt out. I know, I know. Some of you might say, "But how am I supposed to take a vacation without the finances or time?!" Two words: make time! Going on a vacation doesn't necessarily mean that you must spend thousands of dollars on a resort or a trip to another country... 

For instance, you can take a few days off to go on what most of us know as a "staycation." What does that mean exactly?! It means staying in for a few days. Order take out, watch a movie, go to the beach, or simply stay at a hotel for the weekend, spend time with your partner or family, and just forget about work. You will find that this break re-energizes your relationship and gives you the boost you need to delve deeper into your career.


Life can get hectic with clients, appointments, bookings, obligations, and responsibilities while also balancing your life at home that may include family, your significant other, pets and/or kids. The best way to balance it ALL and be extremely successful at it is to NOT STRESS! Many people don't know this, but I struggle with anxiety nearly every day, and training myself to let go has made all the difference. (I'll save this topic for a separate blog post.) 

I have learned that at the end of the day–99% of the time – the issue will work itself out, so there is absolutely no need to stress out. Enjoy your beautiful life and BE IN THE NOW!

Maintaining a relationship while paving your road to success is definitely NOT easy, but it can be done. A supportive partner can also make all the difference when trying to balance your personal life and work life successfully. When you find YOUR balance, your work life and your personal life will be in perfect harmony. 

Our love story began when I met Sebastian, and since then, he has been my best friend and a supportive partner. We always make each other a priority, no matter what is going on in each of our lives. This is so important in any relationship. You want someone to have your back, always! We have been engaged since 2019, the day before his birthday, when he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. 

We fall deeper in love every day our love only grows stronger. We couldn’t be more excited for our wedding in Scotland! Many of you have reached out, asking about gift options or if we have a registry. We don't have a registry but to those who wanted to support we have come up with a special way for you to be a part of this beautiful memory and show your support.

A few months ago, we collaborated with the talented Xo Billie to create a unique family crest, which we have incorporated into a selection of items that guest at our wedding will be gifted. Now, we are thrilled to offer these pieces to all of you, allowing you to feel included in our special day. As a token of our gratitude and love, most orders will come with a personal handwritten thank you letter, and some orders will receive a personalized video message from us. Your messages mean the world to us, so please don’t forget to leave a little note if you choose to support us.

We are truly grateful for your love and support as we embark on this incredible journey together.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” —Dolly Parton

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Love reading your story💖💙 I’m so happy for you both to have love. Congrats💖 You are my mentor, Larisa you Rock!!!


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