Transforming Hair Beyond The Chair

Whether we have met in person, or we exchange daily moments over Instagram, you will know that I am very passionate about two things: HAIR and TRAVEL.

Larisa Love educating at Behind The Chair Show.

I want to challenge you and ask: are you also interested in taking adventures and exploring the world?

You can maximize the influence you have on your community by sharing your creative talent with the world. Don't get me wrong, it's important to have a place to call home. For me, home is Los Angeles, California. Home, however, does not need to constrain you to one place. Home is an anchor; it is a place to which you will always return, and better yet, it is a place where your identity grows.

I believe that although most of your life is spent at home, the ability to grow and shape your identity is heavily influenced by your experiences outside of "home." I don't travel to escape. I travel because what I learn abroad makes me a better hair artist, a better business owner, and a better person overall.

My hair adventure began with a home studio (see my first blog), and I took a leap of faith to invest in my current private studio. This was an important, yet difficult goal to achieve. And it was worth it. As I continue to build my clientele and maintain current clients, I also desire to influence and train other stylists by traveling and training abroad.

It's amazing to meet so many lovely people beyond social media!

Now, you might wonder: If I am booked so much, how do I have time to travel? And why wouldn't I use that time to accept more clients? Let me explain:

As hairstylists, we are called to transform hair, but we should not limit that impact to our own clients. If you think about it, we can also share our strategies and techniques with other stylists, who in turn transform the hair or their clients. See how this works? We should do both! That is why traveling to train other stylists is important to me; I know that I have duties beyond the chair.

How do I handle scheduling?

If a travel opportunity arises, I immediately let my clients know if I need to reschedule, even if it's months in advance! I respect my clients' time, and I accommodate them by working overtime. I also always schedule them in the same month since some have waited for their appointments for a year or so already. When you respect your clients' time, they respect you.

PS: I'm doing a US tour in 2023! Find more info here!

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